New Construction

Why to use a realtor when buying new construction.

My Services Are Free to You When Buying New Construction!

Many Buyers aren’t aware that utilizing an Agent to guide them in purchasing or building a New Home is Free of Charge.

That’s right, there is no charge to the Buyer for the Realtors time, guidance, negotiations, and closing assistance; even after the sale. The Builder has the Realtors fee built into the price of the house.

If you don’t use a Realtor to purchase a new Build, the Builder will keep the commission they were going to pay the Realtor and you as the Buyer get NO Representation as the On Site Salesperson at the Builders Office represents the Builder, not YOU as the Buyer.


A builder will usually have a lender that they will try to recommend. I can help make sure you're getting the mortgage that is best for you. Don't let builders pressure you to make financial choices that aren't in your best interest.  It is always best to get guides from a lender that isn't tied to the builder and compare the two. 


Want upgraded counters or appliances? I can help you with all those extra perks, and amenities. We can often negotiate with the builder on things like paint color or even the style of garage door.  Negotiating also includes pricing, close date, contingencies, and any other factors important to you as the buyer.


The builders agent is unlikely to push for or offer up an inspection, so it's up to you and me to make sure your house is perfect.  It's important to do a final walk through and make sure everything is perfect before closing.  I have access to new construction "Phase Inspectors" that will inspect your home at various stages of the building.  


Call me to find out about areas with rising property values as well as the best places to live.  North Texas has many new "hot" neighborhoods.  

Click the contact button to send me an email or call to find out more.  I can make building your dream home easy.